Weekly Classes for Home School Students

Booking now! ($400/10 classes)

Some of our most popular courses, now available for home school students starting March 19th 2020! Classes will run from 10 AM-12 PM and 12 PM-2 PM (1.5 hours workshop, 0.5 hour snack and Exploration Time), Mondays and Thursdays (more days to come!). Interested in a course we haven’t scheduled yet? Contact us!

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Our 10-week courses cost just $400! We offer a 20% sibling discount as well as a 20% discount for anyone signing up for multiple courses (due to Sawyer’s limitations, the latter discount will be given as a a manual refund). To ensure classes progress smoothly, we are not offering drop-ins at this time. Mid-session registration is permitted, though we recommend speaking with our Program Coordinator and the class Instructor before doing so.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact usor visit us in person to learn more!


You can register at any time! View our courses on Sawyer via the button below to see current availability. If the workshop you want is full, please add yourself to the Waitlist and we will contact you if space becomes available. You can sign-up for any other course while waiting.

Program Features


Small Class Sizes

Maximum class capacity ranges from 6 to 8, depending on subject complexity and the level of direct instructor involvement necessary. Children should spend far more time learning and creating than waiting, and we guarantee this with our limited workshop sizes.


Interactive Technology

We believe in learning through doing. Our courses minimize lecturing and maximize the time spent working directly with cutting edge technology. Every step of every project is carefully explained as we go along, so students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the process without excessive time away from their hands-on work.


Expert Instructors

All our instructors specialize in their respective fields. Whether they’re actively pursuing a degree in the course subject or bringing in knowledge from years of work experience in the field, we guarantee a comprehensive knowledge of each topic. We also believe that an energetic, engaging personality is every bit as important to teaching as knowledge. We value these traits highly and have steadily built a group of people with a proven ability to keep your kids interested!