Make The Most Of Summer With Our Virtual Camps

by Rachel Bowman
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School’s Out…Let’s Camp Safe…Camp Virtually!

  • Live, Project-based Instruction
  • Curriculum designed by Expert Educators
  • Personalized Learning for All Learning Styles
  • Small Classes
  • ScreenTime = Educational and Productive
  • Make New Friends

TechExploresBK is excited to introduce our Virtual Summer Camp Series. Although we might not be able to have in person camp this year, our virtual format will allow your child to experience all the same benefits of our camps, but in a virtual setting. Your child will learn technical skills and complete projects they are proud of in the comfort and safety of your own home.

For many children, camp is an opportunity to make new friends and become empowered. Summer camps provide an enriching experience for kids of all ages to learn new skills, learn about themselves, and learn to work with others while having fun. Our workshops can turn your child’s screen time into an educational and productive experience while being able to stay connected and interact with other kids and instructors. We foster an environment that will allow our students to be comfortable expressing themselves and explore their creativity.

Virtual learning that works for every student

Virtual learning presents a variety of challenges for students and educators, but our camps and instruction can help any style of learner. Visual and auditory learners will benefit from the small class size of our camps, and your student will be able to have individualized instruction from our teachers. Students who learn by writing and hands-on experiences will be able to take the skills we teach them and apply them to projects that display their creativity.  Our philosophy is to take a project first approach so our students can create while learning computational thinking. Not only is computational thinking essential to STEM, but it is a method of problem solving that can be applied to all aspects of life.

We offer a variety of camps to choose from

If your child loves to draw and tell stories, we offer art, animation and 3D Modeling camps where your child can learn how to create a moving image, as well as storyboarding where our students will learn how to turn their stories into an animated experience. Your child can learn to code arcade games in one of several of our workshops including Program Arcade Games with Scratch, GameMaker Studio, or Unity Game Design. You child can learn to create and program their own games through a variety of game engines in several of our camps. We turn your child’s favorite games, such as Minecraft or Legos’, and use them as methods of teaching programming and engineering, and show them how they can apply these skills to something they love. 

This summer we are excited to announce that we are offering our workshops in 2hr drop-in increments that will run from the end of June through August. We have camps for all age groups ranging from grades K through 12, and we offer additional child discounts so the whole family can learn. Click here to view our whole summer camp schedule and sign up today!